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Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
of south carolina in the u.s. senate since reconstruction. however, he'll have to run again in 2014 in a special election. demint is resigning in january to become president of the heritage foundation. >>> president obama is expected to nominate john kerry to replace hillary clinton as the next secretary of state. kerry, a massachusetts democrat and former presidential candidate has support from both sides of the aisle. word of the possible selection comes days after u.n. ambassador susan rice withdraw her name from c. a formal announcement could -- from consideration. a formal announcement could come as early as this week. >>> wisconsin avenue is closed north of tinley circle after a car flips over in the circle trapping a man inside. the manual was rescued and was taken to the hospital but with some serious injuries. as a result wisconsin is closed between tinley circle and albemarle. traffic is a mess in the area. we don't know yet when wisconsin avenue will reopen. >> it's incredible. traffic is 25 miles an hour. >> on a good day. >>> wet out there. slippery. maybe that has some
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
santa can't get to every letter. >> that's right. that's why the u.s. postal service runs operation santa where it asks you to help the big guy out. you can adopt a child or family and help make this a merry christmas for them. over the next three weeks we'll be sharing portions from some of those letters from our area such as this one. >> dear santa, i'm writing to you because i'm a single mother of three. i lost my job in august after working as a government contractor for the last eight years. we have lost our place and right now my income is very low. so i'm writing to you, is an that, just to ask if you can please bring my kids something for christmas. fyi, we stay with my aunt. if you would like to help families like this, pick up a letter from the main post office on brentwood road in northwest d.c. they'll have all the information you need to help make this a christmas local families can remember. >> something really worth doing. >> yes, it is. >>> i was just in the newsroom and someone walked -- >> yes? hello? >> here we go again. >> is chris there? i was just in the news r
Dec 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
states, the district of columbia and also all of the u.s. territories such as the virgian islands and puerto rico. so we have this beautiful setup here. we're just waiting for the tree to be lit. i'm expecting a beautiful spectacular display down here on the national mall and the ellipse. >> i bet it's great for you, erica. your first christmas holiday here in washington getting to go to a quintessential washington event. we'll be checking in with you in a little bit. >>> let's send things over to topper shutt right now who is in front of our building on wisconsin avenue where we lit our own christmas tree, top. >> here's our tree. we lit this earlier. i would say this is about 35 feet and very nicely done. i'm a white lights kind of guy and this is very nicely done. it will be up through the holiday season. so not quite as impressive as the national christmas tree, but it is a very festive year in northwest as well. let's talk about the forecast. we have clouds coming in. that will keep temperatures up a little bit tonight, so increasing cloud, not quite as cold and low temperatures
Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm EST
% nose dive? >> joining me now to discuss the immediate tax implications if the u.s. goes over the fiscal cliff is linda, president of taxmasters in rockville. linda, thank you. >> we're all concerned about the fiscal cliff. our minds are preoccupied. first question what will the average taxpayer see if, in fact, we go over the fiscal cliff? >> everybody starting in january who makes under $110,000 will lose immediately 2% of this auto paycheck. >> that's a lot. so aperson making $75,000, family of four, how much of a difference will that make do you think in their typical paycheck? >> it could be somewhere between $40 and 60, depending on their benefits that they get. but for a normal family it could be maybe $2,000 a year or more just because they're going to lose the deduction for children. >> is there anything people can do at this point in anticipation of the fiscal cliff to shelter themselves from a hit like that? >> oh my goodness, if we just knew what was going to happen, there are a couple of things maybe. i mean, you might want to shift some income to this year, but you d
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4